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French short films

Programme 1

Petit Spartacus

Sara Ganem
2023 - France - 28mn

Screenings : sunday 21 - 2:00 pm - Centre de congrès - Auditorium - presented and followed by a debate with the film directors monday 22 - 10:00 pm - 400 Coups - 5
Between the brandies and the Eastern blocks, I'm sailing with Spartacus, my Greek-speaking bike. But even the greatness of the world is not enough to drown my sorrows.
Sara Ganem
After studying cinema and theatre, Sara Ganem naturally couldn't find work. So she set off with her camera on a series of unsuccessful self-produced road movies. After ten years of wandering and just as many images, she managed to complete her first short film.

Cast : Sara Ganem, Antonis Stampolidis
Screenplay : Sara Ganem
Cinematography : Sara Ganem
Sound : Mickaël Barre
Editing : Sara Ganem
Music : Arthur Ganem

Production : Le GREC

French distributor : Le Grec