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Several special screenings, in the presence of guests, will take place: meeting with the members of the jury, a day with Florence Miailhe, screening of short films by the residents of the Angers Workshops, cine-concert, documentary...

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Meeting with Samir Guesmi and Frédéric Bélier-Garcia

Following the screening of Le Dogsitter (Maintenant que je suis un fantôme) and Ibrahim, a meeting with Frédéric Bélier-Garcia and Samir Guesmi will take place.

Meeting with Jérôme Clément

A meeting with Jérôme Clément and Yao Guo Qiang will take place after the screening of the documentary Retour en Chine au Canal du Drapeau Rouge.

A day with Florence Miailhe

As part of a new itinerary proposed for secondary school classes, Florence Miailhe's first feature film, The Crossing, will be screened during the Festival. In addition to this itinerary, Florence Miailhe, to whom the Festival has entrusted a carte blanche, will meet the public and the youngest during a masterclass.
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The short films of the residents of the Angers Workhops

The 5 residents who come to Angers to develop their first feature film project will present their previous short films to the public.

Cine-concert : Burlesques in Madness

Premiers Plans and Le Printemps des Orgues join forces for a cine-concert as in the days of silent cinema when hucksters, noisemakers and musicians accompanied the films. In this spirit, Guy Baptiste Jaccottet will improvise on the Hybrid Organ of Angers the musical score of 3 burlesque films.