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Air Numérique at collégiale Saint-Martin

In partnership with La collégiale Saint-Martin, le Conseil Départemental de Maine-et-Loire, Stereolux - Nantes et ARTE

For its 5th edition, Premiers Plans and La Collégiale Saint-Martin are running a programme dedicated to digital creation and its authors.

Continuous projection of a selection of works from January 26 to February 3, from 1 pm to 7 pm - Free admission

Flowting Point   Howto


FLOATING POINT by Emmanuel Mâa Berriet
A living, interactive and immersive work, Floating Point acts as an organic, autonomous system the spectator can play and dialogue with. Adapting to the setting receiving it, the installation takes over the floor of the choir and offers visitors (young and old) an opportunity to live this unique experience of interaction with a work through the simple movement and displacement of the body on the image projected on the ground. Conceived as another world, which demands understanding, the public will become the actor in this virtual space, where hundreds of particles with complex physical laws, but quickly familiar behaviour, attract each other, repel each other, and from which emerges, in this emblematic architectural heritage, a magical and fascinating poetry.

WANDÂFURU RAIFU by Wilfried Thierry
Wandâfuru raifu is a diptych composed of two sound video games shown face to face in a common space.


Élisabeth Caravella is a French video artist who lives and works in Paris. Self-taught by nature, she was introduced to video, net art and CGI in her teenage years.
• Howto Produit par Le Fesnoy (25' - 2014)
• Krisis Produit par Quartett Production (30' - 2019)

• Operation Jane Walk de Robin Klengel et Leonhard Müllner (16' - 2018)
• Clean With Me (After Dark) de Gabrielle Stemmer (21' - 2019)
• Omarska de Varun Sasindran (19' - 2018)


A pioneer of virtual reality, ARTE has a rich and varied offer available on its free app ARTE 360VR. Innovation being deeply rooted in its DNA, ARTE continues to develop ambitious programmes combining immersion and original narratives. During the Festival Premiers Plans, two collections will be presented.

• Accused #2: Walter Sisulu by Nicolas Champeaux and Gilles Porte (14' - 2018) 
• -22.7°C by Jan Kounen, Molécule and Amaury La Burthe (8' - 2019)
• Le Rêve de Cesare, dans le Cabinet du docteur Caligari by Sebastian Mattukat (5’ - 2019)

L’île des morts by Benjamin Nuel (8' - 2018)
Un bar aux Folies Bergères by Gabrielle Lissot (6' - 2018)
Les Rêves du Douanier Rousseau by Nicolas Autheman (7' - 2018)
Le Cri by Sandra Paugman and Charles Ayats (15' - 2019)
Claude Monet, l’obsession des Nymphéas by Nicolas Thépot (8' - 2018)

Jours de tournage : the set of Bruno Dumont's Ma Loute (Slack Bay) by Fouzi Louahem (10’ - 2016)
Un jour de cinéma by Pierre Zandrowicz (10’ - 2018)