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Short films of the residents of the Angers Workshops

Screenings : monday 23 - 2:15 pm - Centre de congrès - Amphi Jardin - presented by the directors
running time: 2h01

Lothar 1999

Marie Rosselet-Ruiz
2022 - France - Fiction - 19mn
With Zélie Boulant-Lemesle, Alex Fanguin

For several weeks now, Lou,13, and Jordan, 9, have been left to their own devices. Unable to face reality, Lou makes her brother believe that their father will soon be back. But when they are surprised by a storm on night, the two children have to cope with protecting what remains of their home.
Director and scriptwriter Marie Rosselet-Ruiz began her career by taking part in several writing residencies. In 2018, as part of the Résidence de La Fémis, a programme for self-taught directors, she made the short film Le Ciel est clair, which she came to present at the Festival Premiers Plans, as part of the carte blanche Talents en Court at the Comedy Club. With her sister Hélène, she co-directed Ibiza, in 2021, screened at several festivals in France and abroad, and which won a coup de coeurs des Inrocks at the 2022 short film festival. This year she made her latest short, Lothar 1999, while working on her first feature, Authentiks, produced by Take Shelter.

The Life Underground

Loïc Hobi
2021 - Switzerland - Fiction - 20mn
With Lucas Faulong, Arcadi Radeff, Jérémie Nicolet, Léa Gigon, Paulin Jaccoud, Yannick Merlin, Lucile Jaillant

Noah is invited by his best friend, Ethan, to take part in the expeditions he organises with his gang in the depths of the metro. In this in-between world, where they compete to find their place, Ethan will challenge the teenagers to jump over the rails before the train arrives. For Noah, risking his life seems to be the only way to be accepted and above all to exist in Ethan's eyes
Loïc Hobi is a Swiss-French filmmaker born in 1997. He studied directing at Luc Besson's film school, graduating in 2019 with L'Homme jetée. He is working on his second short film, Alexx196 & the Pink Sand Beach and is developing his first feature. The Life Underground was selected in Angers in 2022.
© Mathieu Volpe

Notre territoire

Mathieu Volpe
2019 - Belgium - Documentaire - 21mn
With just a few feet of film, Volpe returns to where he grew up, to meet those who were absent from his memories of summer: migrants from Central Africa come to pick tomatoes. With humility and delicacy, he reveals a parallel economy and gives a name to these invisible people who have come to Europe to pursue their dreams.
“When I arrived in Mignano, the inhabitants of the Ghetto said “don't keep these images of our lives in these shanty houses. You mustn't show this despair, it doesn't belong to you”. The misery of the Ghetto is the first thing I saw, the first thing I wanted to show”.
© Chloé Terren

Rajaâ, le retour

Charlie Kouka
2019 - France / Tunisia - Fiction - 21mn
With Sondos Belhassen, Farès Landoulsi , Salim Kechiouche

Tarek, a 27-year-old Tunisian, has just been expelled from Italy where he has lived for 7 years. He sees this return home as a failure and will have to keep face when he sees his neighbourhood, his friends and his family. He meets Khaled, a newcomer, who troubles him.
Charlie Kouka was born in Gafsa, Tunisia. After studying optometrics in Tunis, she did a Master's in production in 2013 before joining the Directing department of La Fémis two years later. While there she made two fiction shorts, Yema (2018) and Rajaâ le retour (2019), which were selected for several festivals (Teheran, Alexandrie, Fameck, Almaty). She is currently writing her first feature, Le Procès de Leïla, supported by the production companies Unité and Nomadis. She took part in the Marrakech Festival Atlas Workshops with this project.
© Colin Leveque


Alexe Poukine
2020 - France / Belgium - Fiction - 40mn
With Alexe Poukine, Lua Michel

Jeanne takes her six-year-old daughter to Mallorca for the weekend. Their trip turns out to be more complicated than expected. Alexe Poukine – who plays the main role – offers a complex and powerful portrait of a mother and woman. After two feature-length documentaries, the director's first fiction describes the torments of a mother who sees the limits of self-sacrifice required by the bond between her daughter and her.
After taking drama classes, Alexe Poukine studied anthropology, documentary filmmaking and screenwriting. Petites morts, her graduation film, was selected in several international festivals. Her feature-length documentaries, Dormir, dormir dans les pierres and Sans frapper, selected at Premiers Plans in 2020, have won numerous awards at prestigious festivals. Palma is her first fiction film and received the Best actress award at the Premiers Plans Film Festival in 2021.