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Poster of the Festival


Short films of the residents of the Angers Workshops

Screenings : monday 22 - 6:00 pm - 400 Coups - 6 - presented by the film directors
running time: 2h10


Margaux Elouagari
2020 - France - Fiction - 24mn
With Lorina Coffaro Dorine Morlighem

Lindsay and Leslie meet up to kill time together as they do almost every day. But today they want to get out of the rut, meet new people and experience something special.

Pleure pas Gabriel

Mathilde Chavanne
2023 - France - Fiction - 24mn
With Dimitri Doré, Tiphaine Raffier, Martine Chevallier

Gabriel is down, the world is down, everything is down. Fortunately, there are times when troubled souls attract. Margot enters into Gabriel's night.

Toutes les deux

Clara Lemaire Anpasch
2022 - France - Fiction - 20mn
With Mara Taquin, Julie-Anne Roth, Cyril Gueï, Jilal Mechta

Alma knows. If her mother insists on refusing the new treatment she's been suggested, she'll die. So she has just one idea: to make her change her mind as they both drive towards the Drôme. A final mother-daughter journey in which Alma will have to find the strength within herself to let her mother go.

Perdre Léna

Mathilde Profit
2023 - France - Fiction - 24mn
With Olga Milshtein, Jenna Thiam, Ninon Brochard

One Saturday morning, at the bus stop near her school, Cécile meets Léna and
comes to her help. Drawn into a story that doesn't belong to her, Cécile's day is
gradually turned upside down.

Au point de rupture

Marie Loustalot
2012 - France - Documentaire - 38mn
A portrait of the director's family on the eve of leaving the flat in which they had lived
for fifteen years.