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Revealing new European directors through a selection of a hundred first films, this is one of the main objective of the Festival.

You have until September, 30th to submit your film for the 2023 edition
- Online submission



Young European filmmakers are invited to Angers to present their first films to the audience, industry professionals and press. About 100 films are screened in 7 official categories: European feature films, Diagonales, European and French short films, European student films, European animated films and Short films for kids.
Scrips are read in public by professional actors.
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Unreleased films in previews and "cartes blanches" to discover nuggets and references of genre cinema.


A selection of previews, presented by the film teams, in collaboration with the French independent distributors.

Special screenings

This selection presents the films shown during the opening and closing ceremonies,the jury members and the redidents of the Angers Workhops.

Angers Workshops

Founded by Jeanne Moreau and the Festival in 2005, the Angers Workshops aim to support the development of first feature films. The time of the Workshops now coincides with the time of the Festival. With this new schedule, the directors and producers of the projects supported by the Ateliers benefit from even more artistic and professional encounters, crucial for the future of their respective projects.


The presidents and members of the Feature Film, Short Film and Diagonales juries will be announced in early January.


Find the list of prizes awarded to the films in competition.