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Revealing new European directors through a selection of a hundred first films, this is one of the main objective of the Festival.


Young European filmmakers are invited to Angers to present their first films to the audience, industry professionals and press. About 100 films are screened in 7 official categories: European feature films, Diagonales, European and French short films, European student films, European animated films and Short films for kids.
Scrips are read in public by professional actors.

Here is the list of films selected by the Festival
European feature films
European and french short films
Student films
Animated films
Short films for kids
Scripts readings
hors competition


A new section of the Festival! 5 evening events, with one double screening per night. Unreleased films in previews and "cartes blanches" to discover nuggets and references of genre cinema.


An eclectic selection of 13 previews, presented by the film teams, in collaboration with the French independent distributors.

Special screenings

This selection presents the films shown during the opening and closing ceremonies, the meeting with Laure Calamy, the jury members and the redidents of the Angers Workhops.
Opening / Closing ceremonies
Special screenings


Angers Workshops

Founded by Jeanne Moreau and the Festival in 2005, the Ateliers d'Angers aim to support the development of first feature films. The time of the Residency now coincides with the time of the Festival itself, so that the Residency and the Festival are mutually enriching. With this new schedule, the directors and producers of the projects supported by the Ateliers benefit from even more artistic and professional encounters, crucial for the future of their respective projects.
Residents (in french)
Instructors (in french)



Actor, director, musician and writer Melvil Poupaud will chair the European Feature Film Jury. The director Chloé Mazlo will chair the Short Film Jury. Anaïs Volpé will chair the Diagonales Jury.



Find the list of prizes awarded to the films in competition.

Discovering the history and heritage of cinema through retrospectives on national cinematographies, tributes to major or little-known authors of cinema and thematic programming is one of the Festival's objectives.

Christian Petzold

Since the end of the 1990s, Christian Petzold has endeavoured to peel back the layers to reveal reunified contemporary Germany. Most of his fictions have gradually gone back in time to explore the sources of the traumas of his country. His latest film, Undine, is a variation around myth which both renews and continues his cinema.


From escaping prisoners to Thelma & Louise’s wild and liberating road trip, Escapes is a cycle of films which break shackles, open the mind and free from dark influences. Films connected by a lust for life which cannot be contained!


Regina Pessoa, Abi Feijó
Figures of the Portuguese animation

In attendance
A key figure in Portuguese animation, Regina Pessoa has been internationally recognized since her first short film in 1999, A Noite. She directed it within the Filmógrafo studio, created by Abi Feijó, himself a director but also a producer, teacher and director of the Museum of Animation in Porto. The Premiers Plans Festival proposes a tour of the talents active in this pioneering studio.


Jonas Carpignano

Jonas Carpignano grew up between Rome and New York. After two first short films awarded notably at the 68th Venice Film Festival and Critics' Week (2014), he directed his first feature film Mediterranea, selected at Critics' Week (2015). His second feature, A Ciambra, made its world premiere at the Directors' Fortnight 2017. A Chiara, his third feature, premiered at the Premiers Plans Festival, closes the trilogy around the Calabrian town of Gioia Tauro, where these three films are shot.