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The Festival give the opportunity to discover film history and heritage thanks to retrospectives on national cinematographies, tributes to major and unrecognized authors and actors, programmes on specific themes.

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Raymond Depardon

In attendance with Claudine Nougaret. A tribute to the cinematographic work of Raymond Depardon. Born into the rural world he so often films, fascinated by an Africa he constantly travels through, his documentaries, reports and fictions highlight the voices of those that often go unheard, reveal the invisible portrait of his country and his time.

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From the dominance of the patriarchy and religion to the violence of Cosa Nostra, from the legend of Salvatore Giuliano to the tragedy of migrants, a journey to the Mediterranean’s biggest island and its rich and fascinating life in film.

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From our Correspondent

At a time when fake news is running out of control, when whistle-blowers are constantly threatened, when the press is undergoing a major crisis, it seems relevant to question, through 20 or so films, the figure and function of the journalist in wartime, on crime or in political investigations.