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Raymon Depardon and Claudine Nougaret

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A tribute to the cinematographic work of Raymond Depardon. Born into the rural world he so often films, fascinated by an Africa he constantly travels through, his documentaries, reports and fictions highlight the voices of those that often go unheard, reveal the invisible portrait of his country and his time.

1974, une partie de campagne France 1974 1h30
Reporters France 1981 1h30
San Clemente France 1982 1h30
Faits divers France 1983 1h48
Empty Quarter, une femme en Afrique France 1985 1h25
Urgences France 1988 1h45
La Captive du désert France 1990 1h26
Délits flagrants France 1994 1h49
Paris France 1998 1h37
Profils paysans : l'approche France 2001 1h28
Un homme sans l'Occident France 2002 1h44
10e chambre - Instants d'audience France 2004 1h45
Profils paysans : le quotidien France 2005 1h23
La Vie moderne France 2008 1h28
Journal de France France 2012 1h40
Les Habitants France 2016 1h24
12 jours France 2017 1h27

Raymond Depardon © Palmeraie et désert La Captive du désert © Palmeraie et désert