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Revealing new European directors through a selection of a hundred first films, this is one of the main objective of the Festival.

You have until September, 30th to submit your film
- Online submission



Young European filmmakers are invited to Angers to present their first films to the audience, industry professionals and press. More than 80 films are screened in 8 official categories: European and French feature films, Diagonales, European and French short films, European student films, European animated films and Short films for kids.

Scrips are read in public by professional actors.
hors competition

Out of competition

A selection of films out of competition is presented in different categories: Next Shots, a selection of films by young directors following their discovery at the Festival, Air Numérique, web movies or VR, My first session, various programs of European short films to discover from 3 years old and From the page to the screen, public reading of the short film already shot following by the screening of the film.


This selection presents the films screened during the opening and closing ceremonies, previews and special screenings. Films are announced in early January.



The details of the awards.



The composition of the official jury will be annonced in early January.

The Festival give the opportunity to discover film history and heritage thanks to retrospectives on national cinematographies, tributes to major and unrecognized authors and actors, programmes on specific themes.

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Federico Fellini

100 years after the birth of Federico Fellini, a look back at around 10 films from the Italian maestro, each one of which, in their own way, reflects the evolution of an oeuvre with narratives that are as decadent as they are joyous and whose trajectory gradually moves away from neorealism towards the acceptance of the dream and the imaginary as tangible components of our reality.
Screening of restored prints, with guests in attendance.
In collaboration with the Bologna Il Cinema Ritrovato Festival and the Cineteca di Bologna.


Chantal Akerman

In the middle of the 1970s, a young woman from Brussels called Chantal Akerman made a series of seminal films, on the borderline between essays and self-fiction. Each is different from the other through the use of individual directing styles producing works which are as conceptual as they are visceral, and which have been a constant source of inspiration for other filmmakers (Gus Van Sant, Todd Haynes).
Screening of restored prints, with several guests in attendance


Christian Petzold

Since the end of the 1990s, Christian Petzold has endeavoured to peel back the layers to reveal reunified contemporary Germany. Most of his fictions have gradually gone back in time to explore the sources of the traumas of his country. His latest film, Undine, is a variation around myth which both renews and continues his cinema.
In attendance


From escaping prisoners to Thelma & Louise’s wild and liberating road trip, Escape is a cycle of films which breaks shackles, opens the mind and frees from dark influences. Twenty films from around the world connected by a lust for life which cannot be contained!