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Revealing new European directors through a selection of a hundred first films, this is one of the main objective of the Festival.

Registrations are closed since October 5th. The official selection will be announced mid-December.


Young European filmmakers are invited to Angers to present their first films to the audience, industry professionals and press. More than 70 films are screened in 6 official categories: European and French short or feature films, European student films and European animated films. 170.000 Euros in awards are given out by juries and the public at the end of the festival.
Feature films (european et french)
Short films (european et french)
Student films
Animated films
hors competition

Out of competition

A selection of films out of competition is presented in different categories :
Free forms
Next shots
Air numérique
Panorama femis
Kids short films selection

Public readings of French scripts

Since 1991, the Festival Premiers Plans has introduced audiences to the work of young screenwriters with the readings of French scripts for first features. Each year, screenplays are selected and read in public (before the film is directed) by professional actors. (Free admission)


The details of the 170,000 Euros in awards.



Cédric Kahn named President of the feature films Jury and Michael Dudok de Wit, President of the short films Jury. The composition of the official jury will be annonced in early January.

The Festival give the opportunity to discover film history and heritage thanks to retrospectives on national cinematographies, tributes to major and unrecognized authors and actors, programmes on specific themes. Themes are announced in early October.


In attendance. A tribute to a major filmmaker who, in 18 films, has created a popular and engage oeuvre, always with the concern of defending justice and exposing the contradictions and complexities of the human being and/or power.

Focus on Romanian Cinema

As part of the 2019 France-Romania year:
- Corneliu Porumboiu, in attendance,
- the UNATC, the source of Romanian talents

Maren Ade - Valeska Grisebach

In the presence of Valeska Grisebach. Their films subtly blend inner conflicts and reflections on our time, naturalism and a taste for the unusual...

Michael Dudok de Wit

The Dutch director will chair the short film jury and will also present all of his films to the public.

Art of Time

Chopped up, stretched or distorted, the exploration of the variety and wealth of forms that time can take in film.

Read and re-read André Bazin

An exploration of the work of the leading critic, who was born in Angers, and was the mentor of the filmmakers of the New Wave.

Details of the films screened during the opening and closing ceremonies, premieres and special screenings.


The opening and closing avant-première films.

avant premieres


avant premieres