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Revealing new European directors through a selection of a hundred first films, this is one of the main objective of the Festival.

Registrations are closed since September 30th.
The official selection will be announced mid-December.



Young European filmmakers are invited to Angers to present their first films to the audience, industry professionals and press. More than 80 films are screened in 7 official categories: European feature films, Diagonales, European and French short films, European student films, European animated films and Short films for kids.
Scrips are read in public by professional actors.

hors competition

Out of competition

A selection of films out of competition is presented in different categories: Next Shots, a selection of films by young directors following their discovery at the Festival, Air Numérique, web movies or VR, and From the page to the screen, public reading of the short film already shot following by the screening of the film.

Events Previews

This selection presents the films screened during the opening and closing ceremonies, previews and special screenings. Films are announced in early January.


Find the list of prizes awarded to the films in competition.
Prize list


The members of the short film, feature film and Diagonales juries will be announced in early January.