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Feature film scripts

3 screenplays (before production) are read in french by professional actors in front of an audience, between the Summer part of the festival, from 23 to 29 August.
In partnership with the SACD and the Fondation VISIO.

Direction and script: Jean-Baptiste Durand  - Production: Insolence Productions
Dog and Mirales, childhood friends, live in a small village in the south of France and spend most of their days hanging out. To kill time, Mirales has got into the habit of teasing Dog, more than usual. But that summer, Dog meets Elsa again, with whom he lives a love story. While jealousy is slowly eating away at Mirales, the distance between them will allow them to grow up and find their place.
Direction and script: Lucas Gloppe - Production: Chaz Productions

Since his teenage years, Ludo has devoted himself body and soul to activism. In the midst of political action, wounded in the face and abandoned by his own people, Ludo is rescued by a young woman in the crowd, Lisa. After two months in prison, the man who was blamed for the "violent abuses within the ultra-left", sets out to find her. But as the clandestinity he wants to get away from catches up with him, Ludo learns that the illness that has been weakening Lisa since the summer is cancer. A race against the clock starts to give him the vital impetus she has given him when she met them.

Direction and sript: Dania Reymond-Boughenou - Production: Les films de l'autre cougar
Strange storms of yellow dust fall on Algiers and its surroundings. Samir covers the phenomenon for his newspaper. Whereas he notes the appearance of supernatural events, his companion Fajar leaves him and Yacine, his nephew doctor, starts to hear the dead. Faced with increasingly threatening storms, Samir will have to unravel a past that haunts him.