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Gabriel Bier Gislason
2022 - Denmark - 1h45

Screenings : monday 23 - 9:30 pm - 400 Coups - 5
Maja, a Danish actress, accompanies her girlfriend to the Orthodox Jewish community in London. In this closed environment, the young woman is smothered by her mother, and Maja realises that the strange episodes her girlfriend has been having might not be a simple health problem
Gabriel Bier Gislason
Gabriel Bier Gislason is a scriptwriter and director from Copenhagen who has been based in London and New York for the past decade. Since graduating from New York University he has written and directed shorts in the UK, the US and in Denmark. Attachment is his first feature.“Attachment came from the desire to tell a story imbued with Jewish folklore, in all its frightening mysticism, but with that playful spirit which so characterises Jewish art. However, as the screenplay took shape, it became apparent that it was above all a love story – a story on what we are ready to do and what we are ready to sacrifice for our loved ones. This balancing act – between genres, tones and themes – was definitely a real challenge. But with the help of an incredible team and, in particular the performances of Josephine, Ellie, Sofie and David, we have created a film that I am deeply grateful to call my first feature”.

Cast : Ellie Kendrick, Josephine Park, Sofie Gråbøl, David Dencik
Screenplay : Gabriel Bier Gislason
Cinematography : Valdemar Winge Leisner
Editing : Nikoline Løgstrup
Music : Johan Carøe

Production : Nordisk Film Production

French distributor : Kinovista