date festival


My first session

A program of European short films to discover from 3 years old.

This selection is intended for kindergarten classes. It therefore does not appear in the general public timetable.

running time: 32mn

Not even scared !

Virginie Costa
2019 - France - Animation - 04mn
With the voices of Eliott Lagrange, Virginie Costa

Someone or something is stealing the childre's cuddy toys during the night. Who's the thief ? Can they be stopped ?

Hannibal l'éléphant

Aurélie Monteix
2019 - France - Animation - 04mn

Funny Fish

Krishna Chandran A. Nair
2017 - France / Switzerland - Animation - 06mn
With the voices of Liam Gibert, Anna Tessier, Hal Collomb

In the middle of the ocean, a school of fish comes to the rescue of a red fish floating on the surface of the water. They try to do everything they can to help it get back into the water and breathe, unaware that it is in fact a balloon.


Sonja Rohleder
2019 - Germany - Animation - 04mn
A slightly naive paradise bird is going out of his way to attract a mate.


Elizaveta Khlomova
2019 - Russia - Animation - 05mn
Early in the morning two girls wake up and start a game. Their childhood dreams allow them to create their own world out of nothing, where you can fly lightly, rising higher and higher, and even you can meet someone you would most like to meet...


Nina Heckel
2018 - France - Animation - 03mn
With the voices of Mathilde Thomas-Bruant, Aaron Barberet Fay

una is 6 years old, she loves to draw and tell stories. And stories, that's not what's missing, he always gets crazy stuff to his little sister. This time the adventure is happening at the Zoo, Yuna embarks us in its history, with some twists.


Bianca Mansani
2019 - France - Animation - 04mn