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Pierre Le Gall
2018 - France - 19mn

Screenings : monday 22 - 6:00 pm - 400 Coups - 6 - presented by the film directors
While his big brother is packing his bags to go to metropolitan France, 8-year-old Joseph is convinced that Lentriki, an ancestral Martiniquan monster, is stalking around the house waiting to attack them…
Pierre Le Gall
Having grown up with passing traffic, Pierre dreamed of taking to the road. It took him to Paris, into the arms of a man and to the CEEA. In 2015, he directed Évasion, a film about motherly love, and the modesty of emotions. In 2018, he co-directed Doubout, a Martinican tale about brotherly love. Pierre graduated from the Scriptwriting Workshop of La Fémis in 2021 and continued writing his first feature, Du fioul dans les artères, a melodrama in the world of truck drivers with a lot of love in it.

Nicolas Blanc, is a partner in Agat Film/Ex Nihilo, where he produces fictions. He has recently produced
La Cité Rose by Julien Abraham, Le Jeune Karl Marx by Raoul Peck, Les Pieds dans le Tapis by Nader Homayoun, and Gaspard va au Mariage by Antony Cordier. He is currently producing a series for France Télévisions and two first films, by Jimmy Laporal-Trésor and Guillaume Gouix, which are in post-production. He is also working with Pierre Le Gall in the development of his first feature.

Cast : Rayann François-Eugène, Jean-Philippe Rangassamy, Jean-Claude Duverger, Daniely Francisque
Screenplay : Pierre Le Gall, Sarah Malléon
Cinematography : Victor Seguin
Sound : Antoine Viallefond
Editing : Marylou Vergez
Music : Olivier Bernet

Production : Gasp! Films