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Garde tes larmes

Rémi Bassaler
2019 - France - 23mn

Screenings : monday 23 - 2:15 pm - Centre de congrès - Amphi Jardin - presented by the directors
Paul is an old-school biker who just lost his son in a motorbike accident. One night, his son's girlfriend convinces him to retrieve the damaged motorbike in a junkyard. In order to give it a proper burial, they travel to a remote forest where Paul's son used to love going.
Rémi Bassaler
Originally from Corrèze, Rémi discovered cinema while he was studying at Sciences Po. In 2012 he joined the directing department of La Feìmis. His graduation film, Un rêve chinois, a documentary filmed in China, was selected for “Visions du Reìel” in Nyon and his short film Invisible won the Prix Serge Daney. After co-writing Paris est à nous (Paris is Us) broadcast on Netflix in 2019, Rémi is now focused on developing his first feature, Les pieds devant.

Cast : Marc Barbé, Marie Mottet
Screenplay : Rémi Bassaler
Cinematography : Kristy Baboul-Grémaux
Sound : Antonin Guerre
Editing : Souliman Schelfout

Production : Les Idiots - Olivier Capelli