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Blandine Lenoir
2014 - France - 1h22

A big house in the countryside. 60-something Solange, her 3 daughters, Agathe, Marie and Lucie, and her 14-year-old granddaughter Zouzou are all together there for a few days.
An opportunity for Solange to make a big announcement: she's met a man. It's been so long!
So, do we talk about sex? Or is it like politics and best left unmentioned?
Blandine Lenoir
Blandine Lenoir is an actress and director. She has worked with Gaspar Noé (Carne and Seul contre tous), as well as Solveig Anspach, Fabienne Godet, Érick Zonca and Michael Haneke.
She has made 7 short films, all of which have won prizes in several festivals.

Cast : Jeanne Ferron, Florence Muller, Laure Calamy, Sarah Grappin, Elisa Lifshitz
Screenplay : Jean-Luc Gaget, Blandine Lenoir
Cinematography : Kika Ungaro
Sound : Laurent Benaïm, Stéphane Le Dall
Editing : Stéphanie Araud
Music : Bertrand Belin

Production : Local Films, Sonosapiens, Mezzanine Films

French distributor : Local Films