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Un monde sans femmes

Guillaume Brac
2011 - France - 56mn

A small resort on the Picardy coast, the last week in August. Handing over the keys to their holiday rental, Sylvain meets a young mother and her daughter, each one as attractive as the other. A perfect opportunity, if only for a few days, to escape from the solitary life he leads where women are desperately absent.
Guillaume Brac
Un monde sans femmes (A World Without Women) by Guillaume Brac, takes us to Ault, a small resort on the Picardy coast. Two attractive young women from Paris arrive there at the end of June for a week's rest. It takes a certain time to realise that they are a mother (brunette) and her daughter (blonde). Sylvain, the shy and solitary thirty-something who gives them the keys to their holiday rent before showing the local attractions (shrimp fishing, the Le France disco, Bouboule's café, …), will need a little more time to work out which of the two to choose. The petulant, abrasive, slightly lost mother? The discreet, deep daughter?” (Jacques Mandelbaum, Le Monde)

A surprise success in theatres,
Un monde sans femmes revealed to the general public Vincent Macaigne and Laure Calamy, who have both now become essential in the cinema world.

Cast : Vincent Macaigne, Laure Calamy, Constance Rousseau, Laurent Papot
Screenplay : Guillaume Brac, Hélène Ruault
Cinematography : Tom Harari
Editing : Damien Maestraggi
Music : Tom Harari

Production : Année Zéro, Noémi Films

French distributor : Agence du court métrage