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All of Us Strangers

Andrew Haigh
2023 - United Kingdom / United States - 1h45

Screenings : saturday 27 - 5:15 pm - Grand Théâtre
Adam lives in a mostly empty tower block in London. One night, the monotony of his daily life is interrupted when he meets a mysterious neighbour, Harry. As the two men grow closer, Adam is engulfed by memories of his past and returns to the suburban town where he grew up. When he arrives at the house where he grew up, he discovers that his parents are still there, looking the same age as the day they died over 30 years ago.
Andrew Haigh
Born in Yorkshire, England, in 1972, Andrew Haigh developed his love of film as an usher at the National Film Theatre in London. After moving to Los Angeles to study film, he took up assistant editing positions on a number of successful action films, including Gladiator (2000) and Black Hawk Down (2001). Haigh began his own directing career with the short films Oil (2003), Markings (2005), Cahuenga Blvd (2005) and Five Miles Out (2009). After moving into feature films with Greek Pete (2009), a low-budget drama about a year in the life of a London rent-boy, Haigh made a name for himself with Weekend (2011) and the TV series Looking (HBO, 2014). In 2015, he directed 45 Years with Charlotte Rampling, and Lean on Pete in 2017. All of Us Strangers is his fifth feature film.

Cast : Andrew Scott, Paul Mescal, Carter John Grout, Jamie Bell, Claire Foy
Screenplay : Andrew Haigh
Cinematography : Jamie Ramsay
Editing : Jonathan Alberts
Music : Emilie Levienaise-Farrouch

Production : Blueprint Pictures, Film4, Searchlight Pictures

French distributor : The Walt Disney Company France