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Carlo Vogele
2022 - Luxembourg / Belgium / France - 1h16

Screenings : saturday 29 - 4:30 pm - Les 400 coups S5 - presented and followed by a debate with Carlo Vogele
The young Icarus lives happily in his father's workshop, Daedalus. He forms a strong friendship with a boy with the head of a bull hidden in Knossos, whom King Minos will lock up in the secret labyrinth built by Daedalus. Icarus then loses his only friend and his faith in his father.
Carlo Vogele
Born in Luxembourg in 1981, Carlo Vogele studied film in Berlin, then obtained a master's degree in performing arts in Paris. After taking traditional drawing classes, he studied animation at Gobelins and then at the CalArts school in Los Angeles, where he made his graduation film For Sock's Sake. This film won the school's best film award and opened the doors to the Pixar studio. Besides his work as an animator at Pixar, he has directed short films in stop motion awarded in many festivals (including the opera singer fish in Una Furtiva Lagrima). Since 2016, he is back in the old world to develop his first animated feature Icarus.

Scénario : Carlo Vogele, Isabelle Andrivet
Art director : Édouard Cour
Sound : Quentin Collette
Editing : Michel Dimmer
Music : André Dziezuk

Production : Iris Productions, Iris Films, Rezo Production

French distributor : Bac Films

International sales : Bac Films