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Slony Sow
2021 - France / Japan - 1h46

Screenings : friday 28 - 7:45 pm - Multiplexe - 1 - presented by Slony Sow - Sandrine Bonnaire - Eriko Takeda - Rod Paradot...
Gabriel Carvin, a celebrated chef from Saumur is given his 3rd crystal star from a restaurant critic. That same evening his wife, Louise, leaves him. This sudden separation triggers a family crisis. For Gabriel the overload goes straight to his heart. He has a heart attack, and this overactive chef is going to have to stay away from the cooking pots. This much needed break may enable him to find another passion. To get a change of scene, he goes to Japan so that he can once again enjoy the simple pleasures of friendship, and try to discover the mysteries of umami, the fifth taste.
Slony Sow
Writer, scriptwriter, actor and director, Slony Sow has lived in Japan since 2017. He has always been fascinated by different cultures coming together. This can be seen in his short films, some of which have won several awards around the world. This can also be said of Umami, his first feature, shot in France and Japan, where he goes even further with his hero Gérard Depardieu who finds deep values through another culture.

Cast : Gérard Depardieu, Pierre Richard, Eriko Takeda, Kyôko Koizumi, You, Sandrine Bonnaire, Rod Paradot, Bastien Bouillon, Zinedine Soualem, Antoine Duléry
Screenplay : Slony Sow
Cinematography : Denis Louis
Editing : Slony Sow
Music : Frederic Holyszewski

Production : Umami-no Tabi Limited, Nompareille Productions, Slony Pictures, Sunny Side Up

French distributor : Nompareille Productions

International sales : MPM Premium