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Sentinelle Sud

Mathieu Gérault
2021 - France - 1h37

Screenings : tuesday 25 - 8:30 pm - Grand Théâtre - presented and followed by a debate with Mathieu Gérault - Niels Schneider - Sofian Khammes
Following an ambush which decimated his unit, Christian Lafayette is back from Afghanistan. He tries to get back to normal life, but gets mixed up in an opium trafficking deal to save two of his fellow soldiers who also survived the ambush. The mission, of which they are the only ones to return alive, might not have been what they thought it was…
Mathieu Gérault
From 1994 to 1998, Mathieu Gérault studied at the University of Rennes and gained a economic science degree. He moved to Paris and too film classes at the University of Paris III – Censier. His first short film was Hautes herbes. Sentinelle Sud is his first feature.

Cast : Niels Schneider, Sofian Khammes, India Hair, Denis Lavant
Screenplay : Mathieu Gérault
Collaboration au scénario : Noé Debré, Thomas Silhol
Cinematography : Laurent Brunet
Sound : François Boudet, Sandy Notarianni, Samuel Aïchoun
Editing : Guerric Catala
Music : Evgueni Galperine

Production : Agat Films & Cie

French distributor : UFO

International sales : Be For Films