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Clara Roquet
2021 - Spain / Belgium - 1h44

Screenings : monday 24 - 10:00 pm - Centre de congrès - Auditoriumrium - presented by la réalisatrice ( vidéo) tuesday 25 - 10:00 am - Multiplexe - 1 - presented by la réalisatrice ( vidéo) friday 28 - 4:15 pm - Multiplexe - 2
Spain, summer. Libertad bursts into the life of Nora, 15, and shakes up the usual calm of the family holidays. The two very different girls forge a deep friendship which will mark their entry into adolescence.
Clara Roquet
Clara Roquet (1988) started her career by co-writing the multi-award-winning 10 000 KM in 2014, alongside director Carlos Marques-Marcet.
Shortly afterwards she began her first writing and directing project, with the short film
El Adiós in 2015.
Since then, Clara has become a celebrated screenwriter in Spain and Latin America, co-writing films such as Petra by Jaime Rosales, También esto pasara by Daniel Burman, The Days to Come by Carlos Marques-Marcet, La Vierge Rouge by Paula Ortiz. She has also directed short films, such as the multi-award-winning Good Girls in 2017.
Libertad is her first feature.

Cast : Maria Morera, Nicolle Garcia, Vicky Peña, Nora Navas, Carol Hurtado
Screenplay : Clara Roquet
Cinematography : Gris Jordana
Sound : Diego Casares
Editing : Ana Pfaff
Music : Paul Tyan

Production : Lastor Media, Avalon P.C.

French distributor : Epicentre

International sales : Playtime