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Chenaplans 3+


Cécile Robineau
2023 - France - 03mn

Screenings : sunday 21 - 10:30 am - Centre de congrès - Amphi Jardin
Sometimes friendship is born with a bouquet of flowers... and the meeting of childhood and old age.
Cécile Robineau
During her training at the Arts Décoratifs de Paris, Cécile Robineau directed TommeLise et l'Ogre, selected for young audiences at Premiers Plans in 2020. She then joined La Poudrière, where she directed Le Théâtre de la nuit (2020), her graduation film. After working as a set designer for a number of TV series, she returned to her favourite technique, paper cut-outs. Bouquet is part of the 10th season of En sortant de l'école, a collection of 13 short films based on poems on the theme of friendship, made by young animators as soon as they finish their animation studies.

Cast : Jeanne Balibar, Clémentine Chiron-Girard, Emily Loizeau
Voices : X
Screenplay et Animation : Cécile Robineau, Damien Buquen
Sound et Music : Julien Divisia, Geoffroy Cantou-Carrassoumet, Aymeric Dupas
Editing : Thomas Grandrémy

Production : Tant Mieux Prod

French distributor : Tant Mieux Prod