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Chenaplans 9+

Drôles d'oiseaux

Charlie Belin
2021 - France - 35mn

Screenings : saturday 28 - 2:15 pm - Centre de congrès - Amphi Jardin - followed by a debate with Charlie Belin and d'ateliers pratiques
Ellie, 10?, has just started secondary school in Saumur. She is shy and passionate about nature. She spends her time immersed in books, particularly books on ornithology. Anna, the school librarian, a mysterious woman she has a very close relation to, is intrigued by her. One day Ellie must return a book on time, but the library door is locked. She decides to take it directly to Anna who lives on an island in the middle of the Loire, a few kilometres from the school. An island full of birds …
Charlie Belin is a director and animator. She studied at several animation schools (Esaat in Roubaix, Emca in Angoulême then La Poudrière in Bourg-Lès-Valence). She made several short films as part of her studies, before making her first professional film, Le Coin, as part of the collection En sortant de l'école - saison Apollinaire. She has just made a special for young audiences entitled Drôles d'oiseaux, co-produced by Camera lucida productions and Doncvoilà productions, which will be broadcast by France Télévisions.

Cast : Louna Dazzi, Andrea Schieffer, Anne Steffens, André Petit, Abdelilah El Fari, Annie Brethon
Voices : X
Screenplay : Charlie Belin, Mariannick Bellot
Sound : Loïc Burkhardt
Editing : Billie Belin

Production : Doncvoilà productions, Camera Lucida productions

French distributor : Gebeka Films

International sales : MIAM ! distribution