date festival


French short films

Programme 2


Paul Rigoux
2022 - France - 24mn

Screenings : wednesday 25 - 2:00 pm - Centre de congrès - Auditorium - presented and followed by a debate with the directors wednesday 25 - 8:30 pm - Grand Ecran - La Pommeraye - presented and followed by a debate with the directors thursday 26 - 10:00 pm - Centre de congrès - Amphi Jardin
Jean is a “slow” man, he builds his life around his anxieties, and considers himself unsuited to life in society. He lives with Alex, who is a “fast” man. Passionate about aerodynamics and Eurodance, Alex lives fast and asks himself as few questions as possible. One morning, he receives a fast friend, Lou, at their place, while Jean had also planned to receive a slow friend, Caroline.
Paul Rigoux
After growing up and finishing a law degree in Bordeaux, Paul Rigoux went to Paris and entered La Fémis in 2019. Alongside his studies, he directed his first short film in 2021, Ainsi commença le déclin d'Antoine. He then won the G.R.E.C. screenplay competition which enabled him to direct Rapide.

Cast : Edouard Sulpice, Abraham Wapler, Mathilde Weil, Mélodie Adda
Screenplay : Paul Rigoux
Cinematography : Quentin Lacombe
Sound : Louis-Julien Pannetier
Editing : Ugo Simon

Production : Le GREC