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French short films

Programme 2

In the Billowing Night

Lèv la tèt dann fénwar

Érika Étangsalé
2021 - France - 51mn

Screenings : wednesday 26 - 2:00 pm - Centre de congrès - Auditoriumrium - presented by the directors thursday 27 - 10:30 pm - Les 400 coups S5 - presented and followed by a debate with Claire Diandrich saturday 29 - 8:30 pm - St Charles - Ingrandes - followed by a debate with Claire Diandrich
Jean-René is a retired blue-collar worker. He has lived in Mâcon, France, since emigrating from Reunion Island at the age of 17. Today, for the first time, he breaks his silence and tells his daughter his story. He reveals the enigmatic dreams and pains which find their roots in the wounds of French colonial history.
Érika Étangsalé
Érika Étangsalé was born in 1983 in Mâcon. She lives and works on the island of Reunion. She graduated from the Beaux-Arts de Dijon (ENSA) and the Institut de L'image de l'Océan Indien (ILOI). Always on the borderline between documentary and fiction, reality and mythology, her work deals mainly with heredity and loss of memory through our gradual separation from the living, nature and the invisible world.

Cast : Jean-René Étangsalé, Érika Étangsalé
Screenplay : Érika Étangsalé
Cinematography : Jonathan Rubin, Fiona Braillon
Sound : Pierre George
Editing : Marianne Haroche

Production : WE FILM