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Programme 2

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The Right Words

Haut les cœurs

Adrian Moyse Dullin
2021 - France - 15mn

Screenings : wednesday 26 - 2:00 pm - Centre de congrès - Auditoriumrium - presented by the directors thursday 27 - 10:30 pm - Les 400 coups S5 - presented and followed by a debate with Claire Diandrich saturday 29 - 8:30 pm - St Charles - Ingrandes - followed by a debate with Claire Diandrich
Kenza, 15, and her little brother Madhi, 13, regularly humiliate one another on social media. On the bus, Kenza puts her naive and romantic little brother to the test: to profess his love for Jada, the girl that Madhi loves, even though she does not know him. Placed under pressure by his sister, Madhi plucks up the courage to confess.
Adrian Moyse Dullin
Born in Lyon, Adrian Moyse Dullin studied philosophy and literature at Sciences Po Grenoble. The Right Words is his directorial debut. He is currently undertaking a Group Ouest residency, where he is writing a feature length film about love.

Cast : Yasser Osmani, Sanya Salhi, Aya Halal, Ramatoulaye Ndongo, Radwan Saifeddine, Rayanne Béliouz, Ladji Boune, Benoît Brossin
Screenplay : Adrian Moyse Dullin, Emma Benestan
Cinematography : Augustin Barbaroux
Sound : Colin Favre-Bulle
Editing : Pierre Deschamps

Production : Punchline Cinéma

French distributor : Salaud Morisset