date festival


French short films

Programme 1


Mathilde Poymiro
2021 - France - 25mn

Screenings : monday 24 - 2:00 pm - Centre de congrès - Auditoriumrium - presented by the directors wednesday 26 - 8:00 pm - Grand Ecran - La Pommeraye - followed by a debate with Claire Diandrich wednesday 26 - 9:30 pm - Centre de congrès - Amphi jardin saturday 29 - 10:30 pm - Les 400 coups S5
17-year-old Elias suddenly loses his father. Everyone at home and at school is waiting for a reaction that never comes. Elias goes on as if nothing had happened.
Mathilde Poymiro
Mathilde Poymiro has worked on performance, writing and music with several directors of her generation. In 2001 she directed Caillou, her first produced film, and is currently working on a musical project under the name of Ex-Girlfriend.

Cast : Lucien Arnaud, Delphine Gleize, Eva Yelmani, Xabier Laforestrie, Samuel Achache
Screenplay : Mathilde Poymiro
Cinematography : Emmanuel Fraisse
Sound : Sébastien Gaches, Ange Hubert, Xavier Thieulin
Editing : Nobuo Coste
Music : Exgirlfriend

Production : Barberousse Films