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Meeting with Jérôme Clément

Screenings : sunday 21 - 5:00 pm - Grand Théâtre - followed by a debate with Vincent Perez - actor and Jérôme Clément - président du Festival Premiers Plans
running time: 1h23

Retour en Chine au Canal du Drapeau Rouge

Chen Hong, Yao Guo Qiang, Wu Jing Jiao, Gao Tian
2021 - China - Documentaire - 1h23
In the 1970s Jérôme Clément made his first visit to China to discover Mao's China. 45 years later, with his archives and memories, he is back in Beijing, Shanghai and particularly Linxiang to see China again and better understand it. Over a week in this authentic part of China he meets a young pianist, an old photographer and former builders of the canal. Seeing the ancient mountains, listening to the water running and snaking its way between the picturesque rocks, he listens to men and women tell a story similar to how Yukong moved the mountains: more than 100,000 Linxian peasants took 10 years of joint effort to achieve a colossal project called the Red
Flag. 1,500 km long, you can feel the depth in the simplicity of their story… It makes him think of the Great Wall of China and his creation of Arte. Jérôme Clément takes us to China for a journey through time, a journey through the towns and countryside, a source of observation and reflection on the evolutions in society and in mindsets, an inner journey showing his inner self in the middle of this rapidly changing China.