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A day with Florence Miailhe

In partnership with le département du Maine-et-Loire

As part of a new itinerary proposed for secondary school classes, Florence Miailhe’s first feature film, The Crossing, will be screened during the Festival. The aim of this itinerary is to introduce students to animated films through an encounter with the world of a filmmaker. For this first edition, Florence Miailhe has agreed to be the patron of this course. The script of The Crossing by Marie Desplechin and Florence Miailhe was read at the Festival in 2011 by Ariane Ascaride. In addition to this course, Florence Miailhe, who has been given carte blanche by the Festival, will meet the public and young people during a masterclass.

In the presence of Florence Miailhe

Feature film

The Crossing Florence Miailhe France / Czech Republic / Germany 2021 1h24


Florence Miailhe is a pioneer in her approach to reality in animation. During this special meeting, she will take us to the heart of her creative process with a demonstration of painting and sand animation, in addition to the screening of two of her short films.

Conte de quartier Florence Miailhe France 2006 15mn
Les Oiseaux blancs, les oiseaux noirs Florence Miailhe France 2002 04mn

Carte blanche

A programme of short films chosen and presented by Florence Miailhe which honours the richness of creation of contemporary authors and the diversity of techniques offered by animation cinema (Stop motion, paper cut-outs, painting, drawing, pixilation, 3D...)

Luminaris Juan Pablo Zaramella Argentina 2011 06mn
Au premier dimanche d'août Florence Miailhe France 2000 11mn
L'Effet de mes rides Claude Delafosse France 2022 12mn
Esperança Cécile Rousset, Jeanne Paturle, Benjamin Serero France 2019 05mn
Les Filles du vent Héloïse Ferlay France 2021 03mn
La Saint Festin Anne-Laure Daffis, Léo Marchand France 2007 15mn
Irinka et Sandrinka Sandrine Stoïanov, Jean-Charles Finck France / Belgium 2007 16mn
Pinocchio Gianluigi Toccafondo Italy 1999 06mn

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