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L'Effet de mes rides

Claude Delafosse
2022 - France - 12mn

Screenings : monday 23 - 1:45 pm - Centre de congrès - Auditorium - presented and followed by a debate with Florence Miailhe
Claude, an artist-tinkerer-touch-all, is a fan of animated cinema and has set his mind on making "his" film before he turns 70. He embarks with him in the adventure Gaston, his 7 years old grandson, mounted on springs and curious about everything, to whom he transmitted his passion for drawing and moving images.

Cast : Claude Delafosse, Gaston Plagnet
Voices : X
Screenplay : Jeanne Delafosse, Claude Delafosse
Sound : Martin Delafosse
Editing : Jeanne Delafosse
Music originale : Martin Delafosse

Production : Am Stram Gram

French distributor : Agence du court métrage