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Nora Twomey and Tomm Moore

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The Breadwinner

The Breadwinner

Nora Twomey
2017 - Ireland / Canada / Luxembourg - 1h34

In Afghanistan, under the Taliban, Parvana, 11, grows up in war-torn Kabul. She loves listening to the stories her father tells her. He is a public writer and reader. One day he is arrested and Parvana's life changes for ever. Women are not allowed to work unless they are acommanied by a man, they are not even allowed to buy food alone. Parvana decides to dress up as a boy so that she can help her family.
Based on Deborah Ellis's novel of the same name, The Breadwinner is Nora Twomey's first solo film. Like her other work it is again produced by Tomm Moore and their company Cartoon Saloon (Ireland). The story is set in Kabul, Afghanistan, a strategic cultural crossroads. Parvana's father told her the history of the country: from the crucial crossing point for caravans on the Silk Road to modern-day wars. For Samuel Douhaire, the film is “advocates culture and memory, sources of resistance to obscurantism. And is vibrant praise of the imaginary that shelters us from reality, while inspiring us to make it better.” (Télérama)

Screenplay : Anita Doron, Deborah Ellis
Cinematography : Sheldon Lisoy
Editing : Darragh Byrne
Music : Jeff Danna, Mychael Danna

Production : Aircraft Pictures, Cartoon Saloon, Mélusine Productions

French distributor : Le Pacte