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Nora Twomey and Tomm Moore

© 2014 Cartoon Saloon-The Big Farm-Melusine Productions-Superprod-Nørlum Studios
Song of the Sea

Song of the Sea

Tomm Moore
2014 - Ireland / Denmark / Belgium - 1h33

Ben and Saoirse live with their father at the top of a lighthouse. When they are taken to live in the city, Ben discovers that his sister is a selkie, one of the “seal folk”, whose song can deliver faeries from bad spells. During their incredible journey home, Ben and Saoirse have to face up to their own fears along with other dangers, and also fight against Macha, the Owl Witch.
Tomm Moore's original idea for the film came from when he was a child and found the corpses of seals killed by the fishermen. Deeply marked by this and steeped in Irish legends (and especially the idea of the selkie, a seal that sheds its skin to become human), he decided to make a film based on these memories. Working with French art director Adrien Mérigeau, Moore “endeavours to portray a reality where enchantment nevertheless emerges – especially during the period of Samhain (the original Halloween) – where all around there are signs of faeries, where seemingly familiar elements can hide so many forgotten little gods and all the magic traces he could wish for.” (Vincent Avenel; Critikat)

Screenplay : Will Collins, Tomm Moore
Editing : Darragh Byrne, Darren T. Holmes
Music : Bruno Coulais

Production : Backup Media, Big Farm, Cartoon Saloon

French distributor : Haut et Court