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Sport and cinema

De toutes nos forces

Nils Tavernier
2013 - France / Belgium - 1h46

Screenings : monday 22 - 2:00 pm - Pathé - 1 - presented and followed by a debate with Abdoullah Ait Bella - sportif
Like all teenagers, Julien dreams of thrills and adventure. But when you are in a wheelchair, such dreams are hard to fulfil. To make it happen, he challenges his father to compete with him in the Ironman triathlon in Nice, one of the toughest sporting events in the world. Around them, a whole family has to reconstruct itself to try and complete this incredible feat.
“There are films that you want to support with all your strength. Because in the great kaleidoscope of life they defend essential values: willpower, tenacity and the certainty of succeeding despite the effort, suffering and time it takes. With victory at the end. This simple philosophy is the basis of De toutes nos forces (The Finishers), the new film by Nils Tavernier, 48, son of Bertrand (...). With a very simple screenplay, qualified as “very legible” by Jacques Gamblin, who has never given so much of himself, Nils Tavernier wins us over to his side. Difference and filial love are explored with invigorating enthusiasm. Triumphantly acclaimed at its previews, this film is a bit like a Rolling Stones song, a Mozart score, a timeless Hallyday hit. It makes you want to want. To fight and to love.” (Pierre Vavasseur; Le Parisien)

Cast : Jacques Gamblin, Alexandra Lamy, Fabien Héraud, Sophie de Fürst, Pablo Pauly
Screenplay : Nils Tavernier, Pierre Leyssieux, Laurent Bertoni
Cinematography : Laurent Machuel
Sound : Pascal Jasmes
Editing : Yann Malcor
Music : Barði Jóhannsson

Production : Nord-Ouest Films, Pathé

French distributor : Pathé distribution