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Sandrine Kiberlain

A Radiant Girl

Une jeune fille qui va bien

Sandrine Kiberlain
2021 - France - 1h38

Screenings : tuesday 23 - 7:45 pm - 400 Coups - 5
Irène is Jewish and French. She is 19 and lives a life of passions – her friends, her new love, her wish to be an actress. Nothing suggests that Irène's days are numbered.
“With infinite grace, the film suggests the period rather than showing it, and, focusing on the figure of Irène, her thirst for happiness, her desire for everything, it reveals as it progresses how the terrible danger has been hidden for too long, remained in the background. Despite the signs, despite the awareness of older people that the
enemy is there. One astonishing scene among others is the one where Marceline and an old friend are smoking, as if in secret, on Marceline's bed and are looking in the dictionary for the definition of the word “fear”. Precision in the writing, perception in the vision, and, in this perfect setting, actors who are seen and magnified. And never where you expect them. André Marcon, Anthony Bajon, India Hair and Françoise Widhoff are the chorus and the beating heart surrounding and caring for this wonderful Irène to which the vivacious and radiant Rebecca Marder gives such an impressive presence”. (Isabelle Danel;
Bande à Part)

Cast : Rebecca Marder, André Marcon, Anthony Bajon, Françoise Widhoff, India Hair
Screenplay : Sandrine Kiberlain
Cinematography : Guillaume Schiffman
Editing : François Gédigier
Music : Patrick Desremaux, Marc Marder

Production : Curiosa Films, E.D.I Films, France 3 Cinéma

French distributor : Ad Vitam Distribution