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Sandrine Kiberlain

© Jérôme Prébois
9 Month Stretch

9 mois ferme

Albert Dupontel
2013 - France - 1h22

Screenings : friday 26 - 9:45 pm - Centre de congrès - Auditorium - presented by Isabelle Huppert - actress
Ariane Felder, a judge with strict morals who is also a hardened spinster, discovers that she has become pregnant by Bob Nolan, a criminal sought for murder.
“Away from the facility of showbiz, Albert Dupontel is quietly ploughing his own cinematographic furrow, creating, film after film, an original body of work. In Enfermé dehors (Locked Out), a genuine homeless man disguised as a police officer behaves in a more exemplary fashion than a genuine police officer. And then, magically, he leads us to think about the work and the role of judges. An actual judge, Michèle Bernard-Requin, presides over the trial of Dolan in the film. Michèle Bernard-Requin was the heroine of 10e chambre, instants d'audience (The 10th District Court: Moments of Trials), Raymond Depardon's documentary, the film Dupontel said had made him want to write 9 mois ferme (9 Month Stretch). It all works. (…) If Dupontel (the actor) does Dupontel (well), then what can be said of Kiberlain, except that she is astounding as the rigid, right-leaning judge? At 45, here is an actress who finally seems to be aware of her talent. The result is that she lets herself go, she dares to accept what she would never before have accepted, or been able, to perform”. (Franck Nouchi; Le Monde)

Cast : Albert Dupontel, Sandrine Kiberlain, Nicolas Marié, Philippe Uchan, Philippe Duquesne, Bouli Lanners, Laure Calamy
Screenplay : Héctor Cabello Reyes, Olivier Demangel, Albert Dupontel, Laurent Turner
Cinematography : Vincent Mathias
Editing : Christophe Pinel
Music : Christophe Julien

Production : ADCB Films, Wild Bunch, France 2 Cinéma

French distributor : Wild Bunch