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Raymon Depardon and Claudine Nougaret

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Les Révolutionnaires du Tchad

Raymond Depardon
1970 - France - 56mn

In the 1970s, Raymond Depardon followed an armed group, the FROLINAT, in their struggle. In this report, he shows the statement of Françoise Claustre, a French ethnologist taken hostage by these Toubou revolutionaries.
In the early 1970s, the Front de Libération Nationale du Tchad, led by Hissène Habré, demanded independence from the Chadian government. Supported financially and militarily by Libya, which has designs on northern Chad, and in support of the resistance fighters from the nomadic peoples, Frolinat won battles against the French and Chadian army. The interview with Françoise Claustre, the archaeologist held hostage, had a major impact on public opinion in France. The French government agreed to pay her ransom and she was released in 1977.

Cast : Françoise Claustre, Gilles Caron, Michel Honorin, Robert Pledge
Cinematography : Raymond Depardon
Sound : Raymond Depardon, Paul Bertault
Editing : José Pinheiro

French distributor : Palmeraie et désert