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Raymon Depardon and Claudine Nougaret

© Palmeraie et desert
La Captive du désert

Raymond Depardon
1990 - France - 1h26

A young woman is taken hostage in Chad by an armed group. She is hidden with Tubu nomads in the middle of the desert.
For Raymond Depardon, La Captive du desert (Captive of the Desert) is a return to his origins. During the 1970s, he and Marie-Laure de Decker were able to meet and interview Françoise Claustre, then held in captivity. His report had a great impact on public opinion and it seems that this “affair” never left him. During the shooting of this “fiction”, Depardon kept telling Sandrine Bonnaire that he was not a director and so he would not be giving her any direction or advice. The result is a film with a sometimes ethnographic aspect about a time that “passes and does not pass” as Bonnaire, who stayed in the desert for three and a half months, said. In the film, there are scenes told by Françoise Claustre like the moment when she burns the photos of her loved ones, thinking she will never see them again.

Cast : Sandrine Bonnaire, Dobi Koré, Fadi Taha, Dobi Wachinké, Badei Barka
Screenplay : Raymond Depardon
Cinematography : Raymond Depardon
Sound : Sophie Chiabaut, Claudine Nougaret
Editing : Pascale Charolais, Camille Cotte, Roger Ikhlef
Music : Jean-Jacques Lemêtre

Production : Films Saint-André-des-Arts, La Sept Cinéma, Société Générale de Gestion Cinématographique (SGGC)

French distributor : Palmeraie et désert