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Regina Pessoa, Abi Feijó - Figures of the Portuguese animation

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A key figure in Portuguese animation, Regina Pessoa has been internationally recognized since her first short film A Noite(1999). She received the Cristal of the Annecy short film in 2006 for her film Histoire tragique avec fin heureuse. Today, winner of 50 awards worldwide, this film remains the most awarded Portuguese animated short film in the world. In all these films, Regina Pessoa uses different engraving techniques, from plaster to computer or as she likes to say: "from stone to pixel".

Abi Feijó founded the animation studio Filmógrafo, which is now internationally renowned. As a director, he explores a variety of animation techniques. In 1993, he directed Os Salteadores, a short animated film using drawings on paper. This political drama recalling a painful incident in recent Portuguese history won numerous international awards. It was followed by Fado Lusitano (1995), evoking the history of Portuguese culture (cut-out animation on paper). In 2000, Abi Feijó directed Clandestino, a sand animation film whose richly textured images evoke the difficult struggle for freedom.

Program presented in partnership with NEF Animation

Programme 1
A Noite
Regina Pessoa
Portugal - 1999
Fado Lusitano
Abi Feijó
Portugal - 1994
Paul Bush
Portugal / United Kingdom - 2018
Abi Feijó
Portugal - 2000
Nossa Senhora da Apressentação
Abi Feijó, Alice Guimarães, Daniela Duarte, Laura Gonçalves
Portugal - 2016
Tio Thomas, A Contabilidade Dos Dias
Regina Pessoa
Portugal / Canada / France - 2019
Programme 2
Os Salteadores
Abi Feijó
Portugal - 1993
Histoire tragique avec fin heureuse
Regina Pessoa
Portugal / Canada / France - 2005
Andreas Hykade
Portugal - 2020
Kali, le petit vampire
Regina Pessoa
France / Portugal / Canada - 2012
Amélia & Duarte
Alice Guimarães, Mónica Santos
Germany / Portugal - 2015