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Mia Hansen-Løve

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Un amour de jeunesse

Mia Hansen-Løve
2011 - France / Germany - 1h50

Screenings : tuesday 24 - 5:15 pm - Grand Théâtre - presented by Mia Hansen-Løve saturday 28 - 10:30 am - Pathé - 1
Camille is 15, Sullivan 19. They are passionately in love, but at the end of the summer Sullivan leaves. A few months later her stops writing to Camille…
Nothing is out of place in Un amour de jeunesse (Goodbye First Love), a film as direct, luminous and solid as the Bauhaus architecture that is very present in the film. Nothing is out of place in the title which announces love lived in the innocence of youth, its gradual disappearance, its analysis as an adult. This could be very run of the mill, but Mia Hansen-Løve resolutely avoids the ornaments of flashbacks, over obvious rhymes, the melodramatic staging of fate. It is only once they have been experienced that the signs of the successive stages come to mind. “Un amour de jeunesse" is a confirmation of what Mia Hansen-Løve's two previous films had in terms of originality, depth of vision, intelligence in the narrative”. (Florence Maillard; Les Cahiers du cinéma)

Cast : Lola Créton, Sebastian Urzendowsky, Magne-Håvard Brekke, Valérie Bonneton, Serge Renko
Screenplay : Mia Hansen-Løve
Cinematography : Stéphane Fontaine
Sound : Vincent Vatoux
Editing : Marion Monnier

Production : Les Films Pelléas, Razor Film Produktion GmbH, ARTE France Cinéma

French distributor : Les Films du Losange