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Jane Birkin

Jane par Charlotte

Charlotte Gainsbourg
2022 - France - 1h28

Screenings : sunday 21 - 8:30 pm - Grand Théâtre - presented by Jean-Michel Frodon - journalist and film critic
Charlotte looks at her mother in a way she has never done before, overcoming a feeling of reserve. With the help of the camera, they reveal themselves to each other and begin to take a step back, giving way to a mother-daughter relationship.
Charlotte Gainsbourg had originally planned to divide this documentary about her mother into three parts: one in Japan devoted to Kate Barry, one in New York devoted to herself and one in Brittany devoted to Lou Doillon, her half-sister and Jacques Doillon's daughter. But Lou Doillon turned down the project because she felt that the film belonged to Charlotte and their mother. “Initially, I wanted to do something broader, a portrait of my mother including testimonials from the whole family. I gradually realised along the way that it was just a pretext. What I really wanted was a one-to-one. I needed to make her understand how important she is to me. I've shown so much love to my father, the space around Serge Gainsbourg has been so sacralised... But all the time, my mother was there, she was alive, I loved her, it was obvious to me.” (Charlotte Gainsbourg; Télérama, 9 July 2021)

Cast : Jane Birkin, Charlotte Gainsbourg, Jo Attal
Screenplay : Charlotte Gainsbourg
Cinematography : Adrien Bertolle
Editing : Tianès Montasser, Anne Person

Production : Nolita Cinema, Deadly Valentine

French distributor : Jour2fête