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Femininspiration - Jeanne Moreau

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Jeanne Moreau
1976 - France / Italy - 1h35

Screenings : monday 22 - 4:45 pm - 400 Coups - 5 - presented by Jean-Michel Frodon - journalist and film critic
Sarah, an actress nearing her forties, has invited 3 friends to join her for a holiday in Provence. This is the prologue to what happened a year ago in Paris with a man that Sarah had long considered a platonic friend. She had just finished a film, had also finished a relationship with the director and was about to receive an award…
Orson Welles, who worked with Jeanne Moreau on many occasions, encouraged her to move behind the camera. “Reality created fantasy. And the fantasy of fantasies is cinema, isn't it (Jeanne Moreau, Le Point, 20 October 1975). For years she had been making notes and imagining the biographies of a group of women. Her friend novelist Madeleine Chapsal, helped her give form to her project. A reflection on being an actress, Lumière follows four of them at different ages.Jeanne Moreau wants to take us through the looking glass, share her life as an actress with us, its ups and downs, its dramas and joys. “It is a beautiful subject which deserves to be treated properly. And here Jeanne Moreau reveals her talents as a director. There is no doubt that she considers that form is as important as substance. The images are beautiful and sober never violent, never troubled. […] And the actors develop in apartments with hangings and warm woodwork. In this context objects are both symbols and reality. And that light which punctuates dialogues and situations. […] This is how Jeanne Moreau has shown her ability to discover the rich and complex relationships between beings. And an intimate tete a tete dinner filled with attentive gestures says more than any fashionable erotic scene”. (Monique
Portal, Jeune Cinéma n°95, May 1976)

Cast : Lucia Bosè, Francine Racette, Caroline Cartier, Jeanne Moreau, Keith Carradine, François Simon, Bruno Ganz, René Féret, Niels Arestrup, Francis Huster
Screenplay : Jeanne Moreau
Cinematography : Ricardo Aronovich
Sound : Harrik Maury
Editing : Albert Jurgenson
Music : Astor Piazzolla

Production : Orphée Arts, FR 3 Cinéma, Tritone Cinematografica

French distributor : Carlotta