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If, by definition, escape means a prisoner escaping from the prison where they are being held, the Festival Premiers Plans wanted to push back the bars a little and bring in a few outsiders. This is the case of Buster Keaton, who in Sherlock Jr. (1924) escapes... through mind power! Elsewhere, you will find some great escape film classics, starting with two legendary French filmmakers, Robert Bresson with Un condamné à mort s'échappé (A Man Escaped) (1956) and Jacques Becker with Le Trou (The Hole) (1960). Each in their own way are experimental films, which are must-sees in theatres, to feel the self-sacrifice of the characters, the repetition of their gestures and the mastery of the rhythm creating a kind of alternative reality.

Escape can also take the path of a fiery road-movie like Thelma and Louise's (1991) leap for freedom, or the French drama Le Petit Prince a dit (And the Little Prince Said) by Christine Pascal (1992). It can also take the form of emancipation from a dark influences and psychological confinement, like in Deniz Gamze Ergüven's Mustang (2015). Fifteen films connected by a lust for life which cannot be contained!

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