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Double Take

L'Équilibre impossible

Georges Méliès
1902 - France - 02mn

Screenings : saturday 27 - 2:15 pm - Centre de congrès - Amphi Jardin
A lone man walks towards the audience. He takes off his jacket to carry out a series of acrobatic moves. These are performed by him, but also by his doubles.
Before making films Georges Méliès was a stage magician. To attract spectators, a barker would stand outside the Théâtre Robert-Houdin where Méliès was performing: Roll up! Roll up! Ladies and Gentlemen! Enter the kingdom of illusion! Discover the King of the fantastic, the Prince of the phantasmagorical! Come and laugh! Come and dream! No need to push, there's room for everyone. Young and old, strong and weak ! Roll up! Roll up! Sleight of hand, streamers, the“stolen pigeon” trick … will drive you wild, you won't believe your eyes! This is where the journey begins … A journey like no other, a fantastic journey, a journey to the impossible. Wait no longer! Roll up! Roll up to the palace of marvels of the great magician … the one and only Georges Méliès!

Film : Georges Méliès

French distributor : Lobster Films