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Christian Petzold

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Die innere Sicherheit

Christian Petzold
2000 - Germany / Portugal - 1h46

Screenings : monday 22 - 5:00 pm - Pathé - 2 - presented by Louis Mathieu - film teacher thursday 25 - 5:15 pm - Grand Théâtre
On a beach in Portugal, Jeanne, 17, meets a boy. But she has to escape with her parents, who are leading a clandestine existence. Back in Germany, her desire to see the boy again puts them all in danger.
“The double, police and existential, meaning of “identity check” looms large, whereas Die innere Sicherheit (The State I Am In) plays on the expression used by federal Germany to justify the ferocity of the fight against terrorism during the “years of lead”. With the same starting theme as Sidney Lumet's Running on Empty on Vietnam war protesters), he focuses on the tiniest details to describe a dead end and succeeds in varying registers without ever losing the guiding thread: Jeanne, between revolt and heartbreak, submission and treason, filial attachment and irrepressible needs for freedom. In a Germany as asepticised and barren as it is unified (…), the young woman manages to inveigle her desire into the paranoid order of her parents.” (Frédéric Bonnaud; les Inrocks)

Cast : Julia Hummer, Barbara Auer, Richy Müller, Bilge Bingul, Rogério Jacques, Maria João Luís
Screenplay : Harun Farocki, Christian Petzold
Cinematography : Hans Fromm
Sound : Heino Herrenbrück
Editing : Bettina Böhler
Music : Stefan Will

Production : Schramm Film, Hessischer Rundfunk (HR), ARTE

French distributor : Match Factory