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Béla Tarr

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Family Nest

Családi tüzfészek

Béla Tarr
1977 - Hungary - 1h48

Iren lives in his in-laws' small apartment in the middle of Budapest with her daughter. Laci, her husband, has just come back from military service and his relationship with Iren is breaking down. The young woman soon wants to leave the family but her request for relocation is bogged down in the Communist administration.
Produced by the Béla Balázs studios, this first feature film by Béla Tarr was never released in France. It is a statement about János Kádár's Hungary. In a space so cramped that all relationships are doomed to implode, Béla Tarr scrutinises the faces of his characters to detect the symptomatic malaise of society. Filmed in an almost documentary mode, this film lays the foundations of Béla Tarr's first cinematographic period. The young filmmaker is angry and draws the portrait of the impossible emancipation of a woman in a society that he perceives as too restrictive.

Cast : Laszlone Horvath, László Horváth, Gábor Kun, Gábor Ifj. Kun, Gaborne Kún, Jánosné Szekeres, Jozsef Korn, Irén Rácz
Screenplay : Béla Tarr
Cinematography : Ferenc Pap
Sound : András Vámosi
Editing : Anna Kornis
Music : János Bródy, Mihály Móricz, Szabolcs Szörényi, Béla Tolcsvay, László Tolcsvay

Production : Balázs Béla Stúdió

French distributor : Carlotta