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Animation Today in Central Europe

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Mr. Mare

Lidérc úr

Luca Tóth
2019 - Hungary / France - 19mn

Screenings : tuesday 24 - 10:00 pm - Centre de congrès - Amphi Jardin wednesday 25 - 6:30 pm - Joker's pub saturday 28 - 7:45 pm - Centre de congrès - Amphi Jardin
Boris is middle-aged, pot-bellied and bald, and also madly in love with the young and handsome Cezar. But Boris was born out of Cezar's side and is the size of a mouse. He lives a secret life entirely dedicated to the person who is both his origin and the object of his affection. Everything changes the day when Cezar, who doesn't know Boris exists, brings a woman back to the love nest.
Luca Tóth studied animation at the Moholy-Nagy University of Art and Design in Budapest and at the Royal College of Art in London. Her graduation film, The Age of Curious, won numerous awards, including a jury mention at the Annecy Film Festival and a special mention in Stuttgart. She went on to participate in the international Animation Sans Frontières programme. While working on a militant webseries, she also started developing a short film at the Viborg Open Workshop in Denmark. The film, Superbia, premiered in Cannes in Critics' Week in 2016.

Screenplay : Luca Tóth
Sound : Péter Benjámin Lukács
Music : Csaba Kalotás

Production : Boddah, Sacrebleu Productions

French distributor : Agence du court métrage