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Animation Today in Central Europe

We Are Human, After All

Jsme Prece Lidi

Jan Míka
2016 - Czech Republic - 17mn

Screenings : monday 22 - 10:15 am - Grand Théâtre thursday 25 - 10:30 am - Pathé - 1 - followed by a debate with the film director
During a very harsh winter, a hare has to deal with the bitter cold, hunger and the threats posed by hunters and other animals. One day he sees the easy, comfortable and safe lives that rabbits lead. He decides to go and stay with them in the hutch.
With a BA in directing from FAMU (Prague) and a Masters in special effects and animation from FAMO (Písek), Jan Míka mainly explores mixed animation techniques. His films have won awards in numerous festivals around the world. We Are Human, After All won the audience award for School Films at Premiers Plans in 2018.

Cast : Karel Bělohradský, Barunka Míková, Dorotka Míková
Screenplay : Jan Míka
Cinematography : Matej Šmelko, Jan Míka, Václav Pavlíček
Sound : Mirek Šmilauer
Editing : Tomáš Vrána, Jan Míka

Production : FAMO, Miloň Terč, Filmofon, Jan Míka

French distributor : Agence du court métrage