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Selected projects at the 2024 Workshops


Founded by Jeanne Moreau and the Festival in 2005, the Ateliers d'Angers aim to support the development of first feature films. As the time of the Workshops now coincides with the time of the Festival, the directors and producers of the projects supported by the Workshops benefit from artistic and professional meetings, which will help them to develop their project.

Among the directors of projects selected at the Angers Workshops in previous years: Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Guillaume Brac, Hubert Charuel, Clément Cogitore, Lukas Dhont, Julien Guetta, Rachel Lang, Fanny Liatard, Vincent Mariette, Emmanuel Marre, Fiippo Meneghetti, Marie Monge, Karim Moussaoui, Guillaume Senez, Carla Simón, Morgan Simon, Jérémie Trouilh, Rebecca Zlotowski…

5 young filmmakers will be present this year in Angers.

À la recherche du miraculeux
by Mathilde Chavanne

Following a number of alarming studies on children’s mental health, Margot, a young director on antidepressants, is hired to put on a play with schoolchildren to give them back hope... How do you find it?
© Julien Lienard
  Mathilde Chavanne - France

Mathilde Chavanne is a French filmmaker living and working in Paris. After studying at the Beaux-Arts in France and the Netherlands, she turned to cinema, making her first film with G.R.E.C.. Her latest short, Pleure pas Gabriel, produced by Apaches films, premiered at the Semaine de la Critique in Cannes in May 2023. It was selected for the Ateliers Musique et Cinéma at Premiers Plans in 2020. His previous films, Simone est partie, Noée dans la tempête, Amour(s) and Quelque chose brûle have been shown and won awards at festivals including the Directors’ Fortnight, Premiers Plans and Clermont-Ferrand.... In 2022, Mathilde Chavanne was one of the 12 talents to watch at the short film festival. She is currently working on her first feature film, À la recherche du miraculeux, for which she won a residency at the Moulin d’Andé in 2021 and attended the screenplay workshop at La Fémis in 2023.

Nouveau monde
by Margaux Elouagari

produced by
Les Quatre Cents Films
Soso lives with her over-indebted grandmother Monique on a mining estate in the depressed town of Denain. When the local drug dealer goes to prison, Soso tries to get closer to his lonely mother Nadia, to take advantage of the money left by her son.

  Margaux Elouagari - France

Margaux Elouagari graduated with a degree in film studies from the Université́de Lille 3, and then took further training with Pictanovo. There she developed a short film project, Jouons, which she directed as a self-production, as well as other projects that she wrote alone, such as Mise à nue. She then wrote and directed La Ducasse, her first professional short film produced by the ompaný Les Quatre Cents Films and selected́ in competition at the Clermont Ferrand Festival. Princesses, her second short film, will also be selected́ at the Clermont Ferrand Short Film Festival (in national and international competition) as well as at the Créteil International Women’s Film Festival and the Pantin Coté Court Festival. She is now writing her first feature film, Nouveau monde.

Hôtel Saga
by Clara Lemaire Anspach

produced by
Production : Le Bureau
Alma, in her early thirties, loves her job, partying and one-night stands. She has no place for a man, either in her bed or in her life! And with good reason: she still sleeps with the urn of her mother, who died a few years ago. When her grandmother had a bad fall, she immediately left for Iceland to look after her. There, in the land of her origins where she hasn’t set foot since her mother died, Alma has to come to terms with grief, love and the unexpected.
© Joseph Banderet
  Clara Lemaire Anspach - France / Iceland

Clara Lemaire Anspach, who graduated from CEEA in 2019, is a screenwriter and director. She has worked as assistant director on several French and Icelandic feature films. In 2021, she joined the writing team of En Thérapie season 2 and directed her first short film in 2022, Toutes les deux (Topshot), which was supported by the CNC’s Aide avant Réalisation and won two acting awardsforitslead actress Mara Taquin. She is currently developing her first feature film, Hôtel Saga, produced by Le Bureau

Enfin seuls
by Marie Loustalot
written by
Marie Loustalot and Arthur Loustalot
produced by
Jonas Films
On the eve of her A-levels, Maho is suffocating. Her parents are constantly fighting, she has to look after her brother and sister, her school results are poor and she is working late in a hotel to go on holiday with her friend Jonah. One evening, the father’s sudden departure opens a breach in her life: the next day, the mother, too exhausted to look after her children, leaves in her turn, asking Maho to warn her father to come back. But the siblings, in search of freedom, decide not to call him.

  Marie Loustalot - France

Marie Loustalot is a director and editor born in 1986. She joined the editing department at La Fémis, graduating in 2012. Since then, she has made five short films, including Les Chemises ouvertes, which won the Beaumarchais-Sacd prize at the Brest Festival in 2013, and À nous deux! which wasselected for Locarno, Clermont-Ferrand and Côté Court de Pantin in 2019. At the same time, she has been working on Rabah Ameur-Zaïmeche’s films since 2015, as an actress and scriptwriter. She edited Léa Mysius’s latest feature, Les Cinq Diables (Directors’ Fortnight 2022) and Morgan Simon’s Une vie rêvée (scheduled for release in 2024). She is currently developing her first feature film, Enfin seuls, co-written with her brother Arthur Loustalot, on the theme of family breakdown in adolescence. The project is co-produced by Elsa Klughertz (Jonas Films) and Mélissa Malinbaum (Face Nord Films) and was awarded development aid from the CNC in 2022.

Je ne connais pas de monde meilleur
by Mathilde Profit
written by
Mathilde Profit and Julie Debiton
produced by
Apaches films
Over the course of a weekend in a small town, three women come to terms with their loneliness. Three destinies that intersect and respond to each other in the same drive towards life.
© Aurelie Coudiere
  Mathilde Profit - France

After working on a number of films as a script supervisor, Mathilde Profit directed her first short film, Un adieu, in 2019 (winner of the Prix d’interprétation at Premiers Plans and the Prix Jean Vigo in 2020, nominated for a César in 2021). In 2022, she directed her second film, Perdre Léna, which is in the early stages of release. She is currently writing her first feature film, Je ne connais pas de monde meilleur, still with Apaches films.