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Selected projects at the 2023 Workshops


Founded by Jeanne Moreau and the Festival in 2005, the Ateliers d'Angers aim to support the development of first feature films. As the time of the Workshops now coincides with the time of the Festival, the directors and producers of the projects supported by the Workshops benefit from artistic and professional meetings, which will help them to develop their project.

Among the directors of projects selected at the Angers Workshops in previous years:

Marie Amachoukeli, Claire Burger, Guillaume Brac, Hubert Charuel, Clément Cogitore, Lukas Dhont, Julien Guetta, Rachel Lang, Fanny Liatard, Vincent Mariette, Emmanuel Marre, Fiippo Meneghetti, Marie Monge, Karim Moussaoui, Guillaume Senez, Carla Simón, Morgan Simon, Jérémie Trouilh, Rebecca Zlotowski

5 young filmmakers will be present this year in Angers.

Le Procès de Leïla
by Charlie Kouka
written by
Charlie Kouka
produced by
Unité and Nomadis
13-year-old Leïla lives in the Cité Nour, a run-down and deprived neighbourhood due for demolition, in a small Tunisian town. An environment where religion has a significant place in the everyday lives of the inhabitants. After performing some miracles, Leïla is given labelled by those around her: is she a witch or a saint? Can this strange young girl really save the neighbourhood?

  Charlie Kouka - Tunisia

Charlie Kouka was born in Gafsa, Tunisia. After studying optometrics in Tunis, she did a Masters in production in 2013 before joining the Directing department of La Fémis two years later. While there she mas two fiction shorts, Yema (2018) and Rajaâ le retour (2019), which were selected for several festivals (Teheran, Alexandrie, Fameck, Almaty). She is currently writing her first feature, Le Procès de Leïla, supported by the production companies Unité and Nomadis. She took part in the Marrakech Festival Atlas Workshops with this project.

Aux grands maux
by Alexe Poukine
written by
Alexe Poukine
produced by
Just after the death of her boyfriend, Kika is dismayed to find out that she is pregnant. Her bank balance is empty and her heart is in shreds, but she decides to keep the baby…
© Marie Prechac
  Alexe Poukine - France

Alexe Poukine is a director and scriptwriter. After studying drama and photography, she went on to study anthropology, documentary filmmaking and then scripting. Petites morts, her graduation film, was screened in several international films, as were her two feature-length documentaries, Dormir, dormir dans les pierres (2013) and Sans frapper (2019), selected for Premiers Plans. In 2020 she made her first fiction short, Palma, which won the Best Actress Award in Angers. Alexe Poukine studied at the Scriptwriting Workshop at La Fémis in 2013, and is also a photographer and actress. She is currently filming a documentary and writing the script of a fiction feature, Aux grands maux, produced by Kidam.

by Marie Rosselet-Ruiz
written by
Marie Rosselet-Ruiz and Vincent Mariette
produced by
Take Shelter
17-year-old Audrey lives in a poor environment and dreams of elsewhere, a big city, of Paris… A different future in short. Her unexpected encounter with Les Authentiks, a group of Ultras supporters, shows her the fervour of a new world, a world of solidarity, but a complex one, and leads her face up to her own anger. Alongside Kevin, Jean, Dorian and the others, the young woman gradually changes her point of view of the world and herself, in a way she would never have imagined.
© Marion Colombani
  Marie Rosselet-Ruiz - France

Director and scriptwriter Marie Rosselet-Ruiz began her career by taking part in several writing residencies. In 2018, as part of the Résidence de La Fémis, a programme for self-taught directors, she made the short film Le Ciel est clair, which she came to present at the Festival Premiers Plans as part of the carte blanche Talents en Court at the Comedy Club. With her sister Hélène, she co-directed Ibiza in 2021, screened at several festivals in France and abroad, and which won a coup de coeurs des Inrocks at the 2022 short film festival. This year she made her latest short, Lothar 1999, while working on her first feature, Authentiks, produced by Take Shelter.

by Loïc Hobi
written by
Loïc Hobi
produced by
Cloud Fog Haze Pictures
Dylan, 24, escapes from loneliness by driving his sports car to the Italian border to take part in an illegal race. On the way he picks up Steve, a teenager in a strange state of distress trying to get out of the country as quickly as possible. Speeding along the snowy roads of a Switzerland that is not as peaceful as it seems, Dylan soon realises that someone is pursuing his passenger.
© FIFIB Gabriel Renault
  Loïc Hobi - France / Switzerland

Franco-Swiss director Loïc Hobi was born in Neuchâtel, Switzerland, in 1997. His work is influenced by the themes of queerness and solitude. After several self-produced experiences, he studied directing at the École de la Cité, graduating in 2019 with his short film L’Homme jetée. His filmography focuses as much on fiction as experimental projects such as Face à face dans la nuit, shot on the sites of cam2cam and Les Nouveaux Dieux, based on videos of an incel. His film The Life Underground, a coming of age film in the tunnels of the metro, was screened in competition at the Locarno Festival and was nominated for the Swiss Film Award. He recently shot Alexx196 et la plage de sable rose, a short film combining his narrative and experimental interests to tell the story of two best friends meeting in real life for the first time. He is currently developing his first feature, Bad Gays, with the support of Cloud Fog Haze Pictures.

L’Or rouge
by Mathieu Volpe
written by
Mathieu Volpe and Nina Vanspranghe
produced by
Les Films du Fleuve
Regina, 45, arrives in the south of Italy from her native Burkina Faso following the death of her 26-year-old son Isaac. While she is trying to get the papers she needs to repatriate his body, she discovers that he had been living in “the Ghetto”, a shanty town where hundreds of immigrant workers are exploited picking tomatoes. This creates within her an unstoppable feeling of revolt.
© Massimo Pedrazzini
  Mathieu Volpe - Belgium / Italy

Born in Rome in 1990 to an Italian father and a Belgian mother, Mathieu Volpe settled in Belgium in 2009 to study directing at the Institut des Arts de Diffusion in Louvain-la-Neuve. In 2014, he made his graduation film, Il segreto del serpente, which was selected for more than 20 festivals including the Torino Film Festival, Huesca, Lussas and Filmer à tout prix. His second short, a documentary entitled Notre territoire, was also screened in a number of festivals. He is currently completing a documentary feature, jeunesse italienne, and preparing his first fiction short, Eldorado. In parallel he is developing, with the support of Les Films du Fleuve, his first feature, L’Or rouge, which lies between fiction and documentary, and for which he was selected for the Jerusalem Film Lab, where he won the Emerging Filmmaker Award.