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Regina Pessoa, Abi Feijó - Figures of the Portuguese animation


Paul Bush
2018 - Portugal / United Kingdom - 06mn

Screenings : monday 22 - 10:15 am - Grand Théâtre thursday 25 - 10:30 am - Pathé - 1 - followed by a debate with the film director
Hundreds of motorcycles are animated frame by frame in this homage to the iconic motorcycle design of the 1950s and 60s. A rider prepares his bike and departs on an idealised journey into the countryside and into the future.
“The productive Paul Bush has written, directed, animated, and edited this short film which is a tour de force. A history lesson on the motorbike using 5 minutes edits in stop motion presenting hundreds of models. Not a lesson on the evolution of mankind, but on the motorbike, thanks to the treasures of Musea da Moto José Pereira in Portugal”. (L'Extra Court)

Cast : Bernardo Santo Tirso, João Cardoso
Screenplay : Paul Bush
Cinematography : Paul Bush, Manuel Barros, Milton Pacheco
Sound : Andy Cowton
Editing : Paul Bush
Music : Conjunto Típico do Val

Production : Ciclope Filmes

French distributor : Agencia - Agence du court-métrage portugais